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Rehab Plus Physical Therapy: Trusted Therapy and Rehab Professionals

Rehab Plus Physical Therapy in Steubenville, OH serves the Ohio Valley tri-state area. Under the expert guidance of Dr. Robert P. Runkel, PT, MS, DPT, we believe in tailoring our approach to each unique ailment. Step into our cutting-edge 7,000-square-foot facility, where we specialize in creating customized treatment plans just for you.

Our comprehensive services include innovative modalities such as moist heat, ultrasound therapy, cold laser therapy, and phototherapy, all designed to accelerate your healing process. For more information, please call (740) 264-0772, (740) 264-1236, or contact us online.

What Makes Us the Best

We Accept Most Major Insurances
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Therapy Pool
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Providing Relief for Lower and Upper Extremities in Steubenville, OH

Our expertise covers shoulders, arms, joints, knees, elbows, and hands. Among the conditions we successfully address are carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, and golfer’s elbow.

Neck and Back Therapy That You Can Trust Serving the Ohio Valley

When you experience back discomfort, it profoundly impacts your overall quality of life. Allow us to address your specific concerns, whether it’s a sprain, strain, arthritis, whiplash, or any other related issue. Our range of treatments includes soft tissue and spinal mobilization, as well as decompressive therapy utilizing cervical and lumbar traction, among other effective modalities.

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Check Out Our Gym Area at Rehab Plus Physical Therapy

Explore our well-equipped gym facility boasting a variety of exercise options, including treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bicycles, cervical and lumbar traction table, parallel bars for gait training, and specialized ankle strengthening machines. For targeted strength training, we offer individual weight machines for trunk flexion, extension, knee flexion, and extension, along with a complete Cybex weight machine.

You can also enhance your workouts with hand weights, cuff weights, resistance bands, stability balls, and a dedicated area for gait training. Serving the Ohio Valley Tri-State Area, visit Rehab Plus Physical Therapy in Steubenville, OH, today.