Workplace Injury Treatment
Serving the Ohio Valley from Wintersville, OH, to Weirton, OH

Rapid Workplace Compensation Injury Recovery near Wintersville, OH, and Weirton, WV

Experience swift relief with workplace injury treatment near Wintersville, OH and, Weirton, WV at Rehab Plus Physical Therapy – Dr. Robert P. Runkel, PT, MS, DPT. At Rehab Plus Physical Therapy near St. Clairsville, OH. Our mission is to minimize your pain and maximize your functionality, ensuring a speedy return to work.

We will work with your case manager and expedite authorizations for treatment to get you back to optimal health. Contact us online or call (740) 264-0772, (740) 264-1236, to learn more.

Our Expertise Covers Various Injury Types near Wintersville, OH

We address a wide range of injuries at Rehab Plus Physical Therapy near Wintersville, OH. Our focus is to help patients regain their strength and mobility. Whether you’ve experienced orthopedic injuries, neurological challenges, head injuries, or balance-related issues, our dedicated team, led by Dr. Robert P. Runkel, PT, MS, DPT, provides expert care and tailored rehabilitation programs to support your recovery journey. Our physical therapists and staff can help you with the following types of workplace injuries:

  • Balance-related injuries
  • Head injuries
  • Neurological injuries
  • Orthopedic injuries

We are certified by the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. You can count on us to expedite your authorizations for treatment and get you back to optimal health.

Workplace Compensation Injury Care at Rehab Plus Physical Therapy in Weirton, WV

At Rehab Plus Physical Therapy, we understand the unique challenges that workplace compensation injuries present. We work with your case manager to expedite treatment authorizations. Our dedicated team, led by Dr. Robert P. Runkel, PT, MS, DPT, is committed to providing comprehensive and specialized treatment for individuals who have suffered workplace-related injuries. Whether you’ve encountered orthopedic issues, neurological conditions, head injuries, or balance-related problems, our expert therapists collaborate closely with your healthcare providers, case managers, and workers’ compensation to deliver an integrated approach to your recovery. We are conveniently located Steubenville, OH, serving patients from Wintersville, OH to Weirton, WV, and throughout the Ohio Valley. Our goal is to reduce your pain, enhance your functionality, and bring you back to optimal health as soon as possible. Expedite your return to work with our workplace injury treatment.